• Welcome To Raipur Auto Rice Mills

    Welcome To Raipur Auto Rice Mills

    Raipur Auto Rice Mills is the best mills in Dinajpur. Miss. Salina Haque is the founder of the company who has come a very long way by dedicating 20 years of her life to the rice business and still continuing. Her belief is kept alive by her successors..

  • Rice Planting

    Raipur Auto Rice Mills

    The Basic Objective Of A Rice Milling System Is To Remove The Husk & The Bran Layers, & Produce An Edible, White Rice

  • Rice Harvesting

    Rice Harvesting

    We Have Four Kinds Of Rice Harvester From Hand- Portable Harvester, Walking Harvester, Combine Harvester, Mini-Combine Harvester.

  • Milling By-Products

    Experience Milling Rice

    Raipur Auto has years of experience milling rice for Parched Rice, Boiled Rice, Pressure Rice. Our staff has a deep knowledge of quality control and numerous Rice manufacturing experience.

  • Rice Processing Machine

    Rice Processing Technology

    We Have Various Rice Processing Machines: Rice Whitener Machine, Rice Silky Machine, Rice Color Sorting Machine and many other useful machines to guarantee The Rice Quality With compact nutrition.

  • Rice Mill Machine

    Quality Control

    We have the state-of-the-art technology Milling Plant imported from China & India and also self designed to preserve the aroma and taste of Rice, at the same time enhancing its beauty & lustre. Raipur Auto Rice Mills has long-experienced and well trained production team.

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